Foundation course lasts one academic year (from 1st September to 31st August). Foundation course offers full-time education program according to the curriculum.

Deadline for submitting documents is June-August of the year you are planning to study.
Tuition fee: 140 000 rubles.

Education profile is economics, including following subjects:

  • Russian laguage
  • Russian language (economic profile)
  • Mathematics
  • Soscial Studies
  • History

If a participant pass exames successfully at the end of the course, he/she gets a certificate.


List of documents for foundation course:

  • Application form in English
  • Passport with Russian translation that was certified by notary
  • Original highest diploma obtained with records translated in Russian and certified by notary.
  • 6 personal photos 3х4
  • Medical certificate (form 086-У) including certificate AIDS

Main objects:

  • Improvement of quality of international students’ preparation, who are going to enter Russian universities.
  • Development of international collaboration
  • International students’ preparation in economic sphere

According to the aims of the Foundation course, its’ main functions are:

  1. The university accepts international students – course participants from different countries with the help of organizations which the SUM collaborates with.
  2. Participation in advertising campaigns and other activities to provide the university with international students.
  3. Consulting assistance to the foreign students of the foundation course about their rights and duties.
  4. Formation of contracts with international students who are studying contractually.
  5. Dormitory accommodation ( in Accordance with University dormitory direction)
  6. Passport and Visa control for international students – course participants.
  7. Access for international students to information about the university, its’ institutions, education programs and foundation courses.
  8. Invitation of current academic staff and professors from other universities for teaching international students in accordance with curriculum.
  9. Organization of studying process for international students – course participants.
  10. Progress monitoring of students.
  11. Invitation international students – course participants to the further studying at SUM or other Russian universities main higher-educational programs.