The rules and regulations for  foreign citizens in the Russian Federation

Foreign citizens who have come for the first time to study in the State University of Management between the stay period of 2-4 days in Russian Federation  they should contact the Department of International Organizations of the Office of International Affairs (U-243) for migration registration:

Requested to have the following documents:

  • Passport valid for at least 18 months
  • Migration card with a note on crossing the border
  • Visa (visa for citizens of countries)
  • 2 photos 3 × 4
  • Extract of enrollment (the direction of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation)
  • Medical insurance valid for 1 year.

Based on these documents, the staff of the department of international activities put on migration registration of a foreign citizen for a time period of one year on the visa issued to a individual (visa for citizens of countries).

If a foreign student, who arrived in the Russian Federation in a manner not requiring a visa did not go for a year from the Russian Federation, it needs the extension of legal presence in the territory of Russia.

To prolong the life of migration control is necessary for the 10 days prior to the end of the appeal to the international activities of the organization department (Y-243), having at itself above documents and the original registration.

The period of temporary stay in the Russian Federation a foreign citizen who has arrived in the visa procedure is determined by the validity period of his visa. Students from countries requiring visas are required to contact the Department of international activities not later than 21 days before the expiry of his visa for multiple student visa.

For registration of multiple student visa in the territorial division of the Federal Migration Service of Russia, a foreign student must present to the (Y- 243 )above documents and fill out the visa application form.