State University of Management collaborates successfully with universities from many countries on regional and global level. One of the main aims of international collaboration is the promotion of Russian higher education abroad and integration of our university into the global educational and scientific society.

International activity of SUM is implemented through the programs of collaboration with leading foreign universities, actualization of international educational programs and projects, implementation of scientific research and development of academic mobility.

SUM is of co-founders of the Association of BRICS Business-schools. This Association was founded in 2009 with the aim to develop international educational collaboration and exchange of scientific knowledge and economic experience in the context of global economy.

The University establishes and maintains close contacts with many foreign universities and international organizations. Doctors Honoris Causa of our university were chosen famous international public persons, politicians and scientists.

University campus is a suitable place for conferences, meetings and seminars, symposiums and competitions with participation of leading  heads of university-partners.

International Cooperation Section develops actively programs of academic mobility. The university cooperates with more than 35 universities from 30 countries. Students from our university are free to choose exchange programs: language probation periods, educational programs and others.

Foundation Courses of SUM is for international students of the university who is not good at Russian language in order to give them opportunity to get higher education in Russia state-financed or contractually. Comfortable and welcoming atmosphere helps international students get high-grade education.