Летняя программа «Наука и Технологии» от японских партнеров

Warm greetings from School of Science and Technology, Meiji University.
We want to inform you about Оnline registration period for the program «Science and Technology in Japan 2019».
The application period for this program is from 18th March to 31th March.

This program will be conducted for the fourth time and there is no program fee required for students coming from our partner universities.

Online application Form

Application Procedure
Applicants need to be recommended by their home university and submit application materials on the website through the home university to School of Science and Technology Office, Meiji University.
There is no limitation on the recommended number of students from each partner university, however, a selection will be conducted if the total number of applicants for the program exceeds the maximum of 20.

Program schedule
2nd July: Orientation, Introduction of Science and Technology in Japan 1
3rd July: Introduction to Japanese culture, society and lectures/ site visit on Mechanical Engineering
4th July: Lectures/ site visit on Architecture
5th July: Lectures/ site visit on Physics
8th July: Lectures/ site visit on Applied Chemistry
9th July: Lectures/ site visit on Mathematics
10th July: Introduction of Science and Technology in Japan 2 and lectures by students graduated the masters program
11th July: Final presentation and discussion