14th International Week at ISCAP – Porto Accounting and Business School

ISCAP – Porto Accounting and Business School — is pleased to invite you to participate in its 14th International Week (IW2019) which will take place from 29th April to 3rd  May 2019.

ISCAP International Week is meant to be a scientific, pedagogical, (inter)cultural and social event, based on:

  1. Lectures/Workshops/ Seminars/ Short Language Courses taught by guest lecturers:

ISCAP is most pleased to invite you to submit proposals, under the indicated field of studies/languages mentioned in the Application Form.

All the proposals will be reviewed by  lecturers and accepted/ refused according to its relevance to the curricula;

a)       Other topics not referred to in the form may be submitted too and will be considered, if appropriate.

b)       Working languages: English, Portuguese or Spanish.

  1. Project development / Brainstorming Session/Collaborative Work… amongst lecturers/staff of the same field of studies/ research interests for sharing and project development;

a)     If you would like to propose/ discuss ideas for new projects / teaching approaches, please tick the box in the Application Form and briefly describe the field(s) of interest.

b)     If you already have an idea for a project and are looking for feedback or partners, please tick the box in the application form and attach a summary of your proposal

  1. Meetings/ Training Sessions (limited vacancies for Staff members: 10). Please apply here!
  2. Social and Cultural Programs

a)       Visits, networking opportunities

b)       Good environment and warm welcoming (as usual).


You can also visit here and see that the Porto Accounting and Business School of the Polytechnic of Porto is  and offer undergraduate degrees – Marketing, Administrative Assistance and Translation, Accounting, Business Communication, Hospitality and Tourism Management and International Trade, Creativity and Business Innovations, Human Resources and Library and Information Sciences and Technologies, – and  Master Degrees   in Specialized Translation and Interpreting, Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, Auditing, Organizational
Management, Logistics, Administrative Assistance, Digital Marketing, Business Information, Human Resources, Finance and Intercultural Studies for Business.

If you are interested in applying and attend ISCAP International Week 2019, also try to come under the framework of ERASMUS (teaching – STA — or non-teaching – STT — Mobility).

Bear in mind that  the number of staff and teacher members from the same partner faculty to 2 (two) will be limited (first come, first served).


Application Form for Teaching Staff

Application Form for non-teaching Staff 

If you would like to attend our International Week, please submit the Application form by the 28th February. ISCAP will get back to you during the month of March.