Отзывы студентов-иностранцев

Студенты-иностранцы, приезжающие в ГУУ по обмену, по окончании семестра делятся впечатлениями о своем обучении, о преподавателях и менторах .
Мы публикуем один из отзывов.


This is the last email I sent you from Russia. Today we are leaving for China. Thank you for your company in the past three months. For me, you are not only a Russian teacher, but also a kind elder and friend. Besides teaching, you will share excellent movies, free museums, and travel notes on the Internet. All of these make us feel very warm in three months in a foreign country. Although in class we will complain about the difficulty and long time of Russian class, this is my favorite course, every time your praise will give me inspiration in learning Russian, let me more confident.

I am lucky to be able to study and live in Russia. It will be a wonderful memory of my life. I hope we can meet again in the future. Best wishes for you, Merry Christmas!