автор: Фризо Виссер, Университет прикладных наук Инхолланд, Нидерланды

In the early morning of the 1st of November, my classmate from the Netherlands, two Russian girls from the university and I left to the airport. We caught a plane around 7:30 in the morning to St. Petersburg and arrived at our apartment at 10. During the next couple of days we visited famous and beautiful places in St. Petersburg like the Hermitage, the St. Isaacs cathedral and Petropavlovskaya Krepost, the beach from the river in the city. The restaurants in the city were very good and you have multiple of them on every street. The city is also very alive at night and there are a lot of nice pubs and clubs all around St. Petersburg worth visiting. The city looks a bit like Amsterdam in terms of buildings and lay-out, which was quite cool to see here in Russia. I really recommend everybody to visit St. Petersburg at least once while staying in Russia.

автор: Томас Хаузинг, Университет прикладных наук Инхолланд, Нидерланды

After a trip to tropical Sochi, we decided to plan a trip to St. Petersburg together with our mentor and a Russian Friend of her. On the 1st of November we started our trip with an early morning flight from Vnukovo airport. The following five days we spend wandering the beautiful European-influenced city and visiting many iconic cultural highlights like the Hermitage. And of course, we got an impression of the amazing nightlife through different bars and clubs. Many Moscow students warned us that six days in St. Petersburg would be too much, we already found out on the first day that this was far from the truth. If we could, we would stay for another week. It’s so interesting to experience the many different sides that Russia has to offer and create fantastic memories.