Россия глазами иностранного студента. Сочи. Джоу Синь

Sochi Tour
(Поездка в Сочи)

автор: Джоу Синь

We had a great vacation in Sochi last week, this is a wonderful memory of my Russian exchange life.
We set out on the morning of October 11, we chose to take metro and train to the airport and caught the morning rush on the metro, but the train is so empty that we can take a slow look at the scenery. We arrived in Sochi after two-and-a-half-hour flight, the weather in Sochi is very different from that in Moscow, warm and wet.We missed the sunset, so we just wandered near the black sea at night, it was a different felling form the night in Moscow, slow and comfortable.

The next day we rent a small yacht, we enjoyed the sunshine, the sea breeze, the scenery and the time talk and laugh with friends. Many of us jumped into the black sea, they are brave and powerful although they wear life jackets. Because we are foreigners, some interesting thins happened that day, one of them was that we were invited to take photo with the wedding photographer.

The third day we went to a mountain Russian name is Красная поляна Роза Хутор . We took cable cars up and down the mountain, so the whole journey was not tiring, it was different form China. Most of time in China we would choose to clime to the top of the mountain and take the cable car down the mountain or the opposite.

The last day in Sochi, we went to Olympic park. Since our flight was in the early hours of Monday morning, we spent a lot of time near the park. There were European leagues in Olympic stadium in the evening, but we didn’t have tickets and could only feel the atmosphere of the game outside.

The flight back to Moscow in the early morning left us all exhausted, we all want to be in Sochi for a while. I think I will go to Sochi again if I have the chance.