Россия глазами иностранного студента. Сочи. Фанг Ин

Happy travel✈️-Sochi

(Удачная поездка в Сочи)

автор: Фанг Ин

Day 1
I’m so excited to go to Sochi, the day is finally coming . Because of the Olympic Games , a lot of Chinese know this city, a beautiful and warm city. Therefore, I’m so happy that I have the chance to get there .
All of us got up very early in the morning , first we should take the subway🚅, many people were rushing to work, so the subway was very crowded. And then took the train 🚈to airport , opposite of the subway the train was very empty. I could choose where I seat , the scenery outside the window was also very good.
After a short flight we finally arrived in Sochi. The city which near the city was so so so beautiful. I love Sochi, the weather, the Black Sea , the people ……
Day 2
🏝WuWu, Woke up at the hotel near the beach, today we would cruise the black sea on a yacht.
All of us enjoyed the breeze from the Black Sea 🌊, the Netherlands guys even brought two bottles of champagne. I thought this is the first and last time I’m be here, so I did some crazy things, I dropped into the Black Sea, what a unforgettable experience for me!!!!!
What a unforgettable day!!!!
Day 3
The third day we went to the mountain where hosting the Olympic Games -Olympic village.
It was far away from the hotel, therefore we took two hours on the bus. It was so tired, but the beautiful scenery make it worth.
We also took the cable car in the mountain, so fun!!!
Day 4
It was the last day in Sochi, and it was the most interesting day I thought, because we went to the amusement park near the Olympic park, hahahahaha…… I played all the amusement projects, I love ❤️ the park very much.
Because our fight was in the midnight, we walked around the all the park. The Europa League( Russia 🇷🇺 against Turkey 🇹🇷 )was going on in the stadium, which was located in the park, but we didn’t have the tickets 😢.
Beautiful Sochi, I am very glad to meet you. It was a unforgettable trip!!!!!!