Россия глазами иностранного студента. Сочи. Юй Хуилин

My trip to Sochi

(Моя поездка в Сочи)

автор: Юй Хуилин

«Sochi–- the city that had hold the 22nd winter Olympics in 2014.» which was my only impression for it before I have this unforgettable tour.

Have you ever jumped into the black sea and swum in it? Yes, I did it. The second day in Sochi, we 11 people rent a yacht for 2 hours. At the beginning, we just sat in the front of yacht, appreciating beautiful scene of black sea, taking pictures and feeling the sea wind. Then the yacht stopped in a peaceful area. I didn’t know why it stopped until the four men took off their clothes and jumped into the sea. The guys were inviting us to join them. Nevertheless, we had no swimsuits and clothes to change. In other words, we have not any preparation at all. When seeing the guys delightful faces, hearing the water wasn’t cold, I couldn’t restraint my curiosity any more. I said to myself that I couldn’t waste this rare opportunity. After a long struggle, I jumped into the beautiful sea finally. It was as horrible as it looked like. On the contrary, I really enjoyed it and I did it again and again. To my expectation, it was so cold to wear my wet clothes especially with the sea wind blowing. Therefore, I had to lie in the sun. It was really one of the most unforgettable things I’d ever done.

Have you ever taken a paraglider? No, I have not. But Friso did it. I was a little bit afraid of heights. After Friso did it, I found it was not falling down directly or quickly. I bet I can take a paraglider in the future.

Have you ever taken the first metro in 5:30 am? Yes, we did it. We took a early morning flight and the first metro. Fortunately,there was a handsome guy dressed in military uniform which made me awake a little. We were all tired but happy also after this long trip. Therefore, we went to sleep the moment we came to our dormitory. That’s why we couldn’t attend the Russian language classes. What a pity!

Sochi is quite a treasure-trove. I will travel to Sochi again in the future.