Россия глазами иностранного студента. Сочи. Ли Циньши



автор: Ли Циньши

After 4 day’s terrific travelling, which is fortunate for me, I have forgotten how to speak professional English as well as spelling simple words. But still, I insist I should keep something in mind to recollect it in case I am caught in Alzheimer many years later.

First of all, I always take it for granted that travelling is recognized as one of the most favorable and marvelous ways to figure out a real personality. So does this travelling. It has shown me something more significant than Sochi, Olympic Park, Mountains, to mention only a few. It has taught me that I needn’t be so brave that I can’t ask others for help or favor. Take swimming for example, which I haven’t ever learned before. With life jacket and an pumping heart, I dive twice by myself. It is really cool, isn’t it? Nevertheless, the depressing situation like the salty black sea and hardship to breathe almost succeeded to conquer me. What’s worse, when Tomas asked me twice or even more, “Edith, do you need any help?” “No, oooo” sea water went to my throat and ears with my twisted face. First try to swim back to the boat failed. Whatever, I fancy going through this process again and again. Not until the second try did I realize I couldn’t eat a lot at one bite. Desperately wet was nothing countable but my mind was. How small and delicate I was! As a natural result of it, giving one more chance ,I still couldn’t make it!

Another experience left a deep impression in my mind was Roller coaster. When you are afraid and find yourself not to be helped by anyone else, what will you do? Many people choose to either scream or close their eyes. To be honest, I opened my eyes in the whole time and didn’t scream as what has been mentioned above. On the Contrary , I bit my lips as hard as I wanted to get out of this fear, which was crazily thrown out of the seat. After finishing all these, my lip was red and almost aced for several days. Maybe it is the same feeling as kissing with my future boyfriend.

At last, I find bravery rooted in my heart. I concluded as this quote: ” Wish you find lightness in yourself. ”