Россия глазами иностранного студента. Сочи. Юй Вейвей

Unforgettable Trip

(Незабываемая поездка)

автор: Юй Вейвей

We got up very early and hurried to the railway station. The train was very free in the early morning. The sun shining through the window, but not dazzling, chose a position near the window, accompanied by relaxing music and beautiful scenery, the mood became more cheerful. After an hour by train and two and a half hours by plane, we finally arrived at the place of our dreams — Sochi. The view is abnormally luxuriant evergreen plants, together with the soft warm climate, abundant sunshine, our fatigue is also swept away.

The next day was a day of great excitement. We went to the black sea on a yacht. With a whistle, the yacht sped off like a mustang at sea. In a flash, after the yacht provoked layers of spray, naughty spray onto our clothes, so cool! On the yacht, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the sea, the sky and sea into a line, it is intoxicating!

We went to the Olympic village the third day. We took the cable car to the top of the mountain. Looking out into the distance, a cool breeze and a breath of fresh air, as if all the pressure had been forgotten. What impresses me most is the project of boardwalk bridge. From the trembling at the beginning to the calm at the end, I defeated myself. The pride and joy after the successful crossing of the bridge is indescribable.

It was the last day in sochi, and we decided to go to the Olympic park. After visiting the Olympic stadium, we arrived at the nearby sochi park. We played a breathtaking roller coaster, beautiful merry-go-round, the pressure of the release of the jump, cool through the heart of the splash mountain . Our mentor called us the most brave Chinese girls he has ever met.

When you’re worried about your life every day, there are times when you feel like it’s slipping away so quickly. There is a place in Russia where you can forget all your troubles. Because everyone here lives in the hourglass of time.